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The Best Holiday Nail Art Looks

If I had to choose one thing that makes me feel the most girly, it would hands down be having my nails painted. It is one of those things that I always am sure to neglect, but once I get it taken care of, I am so glad I did.

I actually bought a nail kit for my house with a UV light, so I can manage to do a pretty decent self-manicure. Therefore, I don’t actually go to the nail salon and get my nails done often.

Either way – rather I get it done at the salon or do it myself – getting my nails done is the ultimate way for me to relax and when I’m done, even if I am just in a t-shirt and yoga pants, I somehow feel like a glamorous queen.

Maybe I’m just crazy, or maybe you agree?

I even recently tried my hand at a bit of nail art on my own. I did pretty good I’d say. I just tried a bit of chevron because surely I can do a line, right? But, if you’re not ambidextrous – and I am not – it can be a bit challenging to do both of your hands well and equally.

So, when it comes to the best holiday nail art like I am about to show you, I leave it to the pros:

  1. Glitter stripes

    This is simple, classy, and packs a punch. Clear nails with just simple glittery lines are just a simple way to transform your nails and add a little sparkle to all your outfits!

  2. Holiday Wreath

    I feel like I always see everyone with Halloween nails but not as many people with Christmas nails.

    If you really know someone who has a keen eye for nail art, do a solid base – like light pink – on all your fingers and add a holiday wreath to one finger. It is adorable!

  3. Christmas Plaid

    What is the best way to wear plaid? On your nails, of course!

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