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3 Makeup Organizing Hacks

If you take a look at my sister’s makeup table, she has several different clear, plastic makeup organizers. Everything is neatly in its place. All of the lipstick is together. All of the eyeshadow is together. It is almost like she never even touches it – despite the fact that I know she does.

Then, when you take a look at my stuff, it is literally just “organized” enough so that I can get it in and out of the drawer each day efficiently and still be able to close it back up when I am done.

Yeah, polar opposites.

But, I should really try to organize it much better…

So, I’ve made that my new mission: to organize my makeup drawer.

But, this is definitely a more daunting task than you would think. I mean, have you ever tried to organize your closet? Yeah, don’t pull your hair out just yet…

Luckily, I have a few makeup organizing hacks for you that will make your life oh so much easier:

  1. Use mason jars

    I am definitely one of those Pinterest lovers who has an unhealthy obsession with mason jars. I use them for mixed drinks, I use them for my freezer smoothies, and I even use them as bathroom decor/storage.

    But, how could you not love them? They are great for just about everything! If you haven’t tried this yet, grab one or two medium-sized mason jars and store your makeup brushes in them. They are super easy to access and look super cute!

    You can even paint or decorate the mason jars for a cuter look.

  2. Add a tray

    If you have a few things of perfume or just a lot of bottles, adding a cute little tray underneath them is a cute way to keep them all in one place and still have them looking fashionable.

  3. Buy an Icebox

    The Iceboxes are those clear boxes I was saying that my sister has and she does them right…

    They are just a clear box with different compartments for your makeup. Voila! It all fits in one, compact place.

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