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What to Wear to Meet the Parents This Season

Have you ever seen someone for the first time and completely misjudged them?

Maybe it was your now-bestfriend and when you first saw them in high school you thought they looked like a total jerk, just based on their outfit.

Or, maybe you have looked at someone and thought they were “weird” or “odd” by the way they were dressed, only to find out they were great.

The fact is that first impressions are a big deal. And, one of the biggest parts of a first impression is what you are wearing.

So, think about this when it comes to meeting your significant other’s parents…

You want them to like you right off the bat, right? And, you definitely wouldn’t want to give them the wrong impression – that only leaves you fixing a preconceived notion that could have been avoided from the beginning.

This means that when you go to your significant other’s family Christmas this year and meet his parents for the first time, you should be as put together as possible. And, that starts with figuring out what to wear:

  1. Keep it simple.

    Of course, you want to WOW them. But, don’t overdo it. I know, glitter is all the rage this season but a full glitter dress might be a bit loud for the first impression.

  2. Be respectful.

    Now, I know as a strong independent woman who don’t need no man, the last thing you’re thinking is about dressing according to anyone else’s preferences. But, if you really love your significant other then you should want to wow and respect their parents.

    I am not sayin you have to go all out and dress like his mom, but just be respectful of what they would consider inappropriate.

  3. Ask them.

    Especially since you have never met them before, your S.O. will know their parents better than you. Ask them about the outfits you are considering to get some insight as to what they think will please their parents the most.

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