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3 Ways to Style Skinny Jeans

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a great pair of skinny jeans…

Okay, actually, to be honest, I probably have about 4 pairs of skinny jeans – maybe even more.

But, I remember a time when I HATED skinny jeans. And, I do mean hate.

Every single pair of jeans I bought absolutely had to be flair. And, I do mean flair to the extreme. I didn’t want them to even remotely resemble a bootcut jean.

However, over time, I slowly came to realize there were other jean styles in life and I could enjoy them too. So, somehow I migrated from flare jeans to bootcut jeans to skinny jeans.

But, one thing that took me a long time to learn was how to style the skinny jeans…

At first, I hated the way they looked with tennis shoes, I typically only wore them with Toms or Boots because I even hated the way they looked with sandals.

But, yet again, as I did my research on fashion, my views changed

So, to help you avoid all the searching, here are a few ways to style skinny jeans:

  1. Wear Them With Slim Tennis Shoes

    I am still not a big fan of big, bulky Nike running shoes or basketball shoes with skinny jeans. But, grab a great pair of Converse or Vans – something with a very thin sole and you are totally rocking.

    I love this look with a graphic tee or a cute and simple V-neck.

  2. Try Your Foot At Some Heels

    Heels, heels, heels, and skinnies are a match made in heaven. I actually just bought a great pair of lace-up wedges and they compliment my black skinnies to a T!

    Typically, heels are pretty stylish and skinnies are a great way to show off the whole shoe.

  3. Add A Cardigan

    There is just something so perfect about a cardigan and skinny jeans. I think it is because a cardigan doesn’t show off your figure, but the skinny jeans do.

    Anyways, that can be your perfect fall look!

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