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What the Style of Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Aside from your wedding day itself, I am quite sure that just about every girl can admit to daydreaming about what their engagement ring will look like…

I will never forget my days of scrolling through Pinterest just drooling over all the rings I saw – so many decisions, I liked them all, and will my fiance-to-be even let me have a say so in it?

In the end, I chose a rose gold ring with a double frame and a round diamond. But, there was no real meaning behind why this was my favorite – it just simply caught my eye and I couldn’t stop thinking about it from that day on.

But, did you know that the shape of your engagement ring might actually have a hidden meaning behind it?

Let’s see what yours means:


A round cut diamond tends to be reserved for someone – or preferred by someone – who is drawn to the classic and timeless style. It is the ideal style for someone who wants a ring style that will stand the test of time – even for ages.


An oval cut diamond is both trendy and feminine – it is perfect for someone who wants a soft and reserved look but something with a lot of sparkles.

Marquise or Pear

If you desire these shapes, you are just a pure rebel. It is likely that you move to the beat of your own drum and enjoy just doing your own thing. You are your own person and you aren’t afraid to let the world know.


An emerald cut is often reserved for those who like refinement. If you prefer emerald, you are likely reserved but have a discerning taste.

You probably never knew a simple piece of jewelry could hold so much meaning behind it, did you?

Are you reconsidering your engagement style now?

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