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5 Fashion Hacks Every Savvy Girl Uses

You’re a smart cookie, aren’t you? An over achiever perhaps? Well, then we think it’s about time you get your gold star in a whole new arena: fashion! ‘Cause yup, there are certain fashion hacks that every smart fashionista uses to save her time and money, but most importantly, keep her looking right on trend.

Fashion Hack #1: No more red wine stains

Did you perhaps get a little over excited during your evening glass of wine last night? Do you have an unsightly red wine spot on your new favorite white blouse? So not ideal, but thankfully,  there’s a hack for that! Soak a cloth in white wine and then blot the stain with the white wine soaked cloth. Be careful not to rub the stain, or you’ll likely make it worse. Simply blot and watch as the red wine starts to fade.

Fashion Hack #2: Say goodbye to armpit stains

Keeping along with the same trend, are you tired of throwing away your favorite white shirts because of armpit stains. We all get them, but we don’t always like talking about them. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to yellow armpit stains! Simply spray the stain with lemon juice prior to washing. Hello clean, white shirt.

Fashion Hack #3: No more runs in your tights

Every girl who has ever had to wear tights knows the feeling of getting dressed only to discover there’s a huge run in her tights. Once a run starts, it’s pretty much impossible to stop. Until now that is. Simply apply a little clear nail polish to the run before it becomes noticeable, and voila, it won’t grow any larger. This is the perfect hack to use when you’re out and notice a slight run beginning. Guess it’s time to start carrying around clear nail polish at all times, huh?

Fashion Hack #4: Become aware of your closet

Are you a bit of a shopaholic? Are you trying to reign in your shopping addiction? Like most fashion obsessed ladies, we often get carried away with our purchases, which often leads to a closet full of fashion we just don’t need, want, or even like. In order to clean out your closet and create a beautiful wardrobe full of pieces you actually love, adopt this clever trick. Hang all your clothing up with the hanger in one direction. After you’ve worn a piece of clothing, replace it with the hanger now facing in the opposite direction. For all the hangers that are still facing in that original direction, you’ll now know you don’t frequently wear those clothing items, showing you exactly what’s ‘gotta go.

Fashion Hack #5: Find the perfect fit of jean

If you’re someone who likes to shop, but hates trying on clothes, this a hack you’re going to love. Did you know if you wrap the waist of a pair of pants around your neck, it indicates if the pants will fit or not. Yup, if the pants are going to fit, they should wrap around your neck once without any overlap. Genius, right?

So ladies, which of these hacks will you be utilizing? We highly recommend all of them if you want to be a savvy fashionista.

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